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In the beginning of the last century, most organisations tried to “own, handle, and control” all their resources. By mid- century, companies were branching out and increasing the range of their services. Organisations regarded that have a broader profile would protect their income, even though growth required several levels of management. This led to their having to deal with problems in the management structure and the failure to be nimble. In the latter part of the century, organisations started to pay attention to decreasing their costs by outsourcing certain procedures to a Global outsourcing company to accomplish cost reductions. This was when they observed that if they concentrate on their main capabilities and hand over other procedures, they will gain flexibility and creativity.

Prior to the IT outsourcing gaining prominence, there were manufacturers in the US who moved production projects to other places to cut costs. At present, outsourcing consists of a connection between the company and one of the many IT outsourcing companies. Organisations acknowledge that outsourcing some of their main procedures is a sound strategy that is no longer frowned upon and therefore have their non-core tasks handled by a technology outsourcing company, emphasising the value of those operations.

Major companies who felt that it was not essential to own technical advancement to be able to obtain necessary details took the decision to delegate non-primary features. In the present circumstances, the objective is to obtain the highest possible performance by correct use of the available options and connections. Thus, the choice to delegate an operation to a third-party would be taken by looking less at whether it is fundamental to their company and more at who can offer the service better.

There are different designs that an organisation can choose from and they could also have a solution that is a mix of the designs in accordance with the flexibility of the company supplying the service. A few of the designs are, IT Resourcing, IT Co-sourcing, IT Outsourcing and IT Off-shoring.

IT Resourcing - The company sources professional abilities to backfill the client's employees, decreasing the stress of absences, IT projects or significant roll-outs across major regions and countries.

IT Co-sourcing - IT Co-sourcing brings together in-house and outsourcing resources to cut costs, optimise the utilisation of employees and accelerate the move from growth to production. This distributed risk-reward design helps in optimising headcount, while working on cost performance within the organisation’s present way of working.

IT Outsourcing - Many organisations don't understand that without proper planning and attention to detail, IT outsourcing can have sweeping implications, not just based on the HR factors but also with regards to the loss of information about the present process details that is quite often not acknowledged or valued until it is no longer there. Allied's IT Outsourcing Services UK and across geographies cover the full gamut of IT functions and can be designed to match the specific needs of your organisation while ensuring maintenance of present knowledge and abilities. You can read more about how our IT Outsourcing services helped Oracle, a major technology company improve call costs by 60%.